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Jetë means life in Albanian, which Zoe Provisions feels is a perfect way to describe our six-clay facial mask, full of life-giving properties.


Our Jetë Six Clay Facial Mask is filled with negatively charged minerals and when applied to your skin it will exchange it for debris on your skin such as toxins, bacteria and chemicals. Thus, taking away the bad and depositing the good. When you slowly add water to Jetë Six-Clay Facial Mask, it will swell and activate the minerals. Most heavy metals and toxins have positively charged molecules. Natural clays have a negatively charged molecules. This creates a good union where the body can finish up the elimination process.

Jetë Six Clay Facial Mask

  • Start with clean hands. Use a clean, warm washcloth to open pores on your skin before applying Jetë Six Clay Face Mask.

    Using a plastic, glass, or wooden spoon, take out ½ teaspoonful of Jetë Six Clay Facial Mask and place in a plastic, glass or wooden bowl. Slowly add in water to create a paste.

    After 15-20 minutes, your mask should have dried out and you should feel a slight tugging of your skin. With warm water on your washcloth, gently pat the mask to wet the clay then carefully wipe clean your face. After all the Jetë Six Clay Facial Mask is off your face, rinse your washcloth again and now use cold water to help close your pores.

    For an intensive clay session, pour in equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar/milk of choice/aloe vera/green tea. With your fingers or a soft face brush, apply paste all over skin on face. Avoid using mask around your eyes.

    Zoe Provisions recommends using our Jetë Six Clay Facial Mask 2-5 times a month and following a Zoe Provisions Skincare Collection Routine.

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